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About Us

Who are these crazy people?!?

Getting Away from the Light & Sound of the City

Come March 2020, it will be two full years since Rob and I started dating. I’m Molly, by the way! The world of modern dating doesn’t leave much to be desired, so I don’t think we really had too high of expectations. When our expectations of each other were met and far exceeded, Rob and I found that we wanted to actually build a life together. Things went much faster than either of us planned. 

When we met, I was just starting my career as a semi truck driver and was still living with family. Rob helped me move into my new apartment. It wouldn’t be long until he, Tripp and Logan joined Wyatt, Butterscotch and I in our small two bedroom setup. For over a year now, we’ve made it work.

In the summer of 2019, Rob and I started looking for houses. He already has a house, but I think I am giving it a lot of credit when I say it’s a “handy man special”. With our family we needed something a little more move in ready.

It took a lot of searching before we found The Calland House. Honestly, we didn’t think we would find anything capable of meeting our basic wishlist’s without having to give up a few things. I think the only thing we really  gave up with this house was having a more wooded scenario. Still, it’s off the beaten path and gives us everything we had hoped for…like my massive kitchen.

By the end of January 2020 we should be fully moved into our new house and starting our new adventure. I’m not sure this really tells you who we are in full detail, but I hope it gives you some understanding of how we got here. So, from all of us – we’d just like to thank you for tuning in to our little world of chaos.


Other Places You Can Find Us on the Big Wide World of the Interwebs

Molly can be found in a variety of places doing all sorts of artsy things. The best place at the moment is to check her out on Instagram @mtoththompson. More websites, blog, vlogs and online stores will be coming within the year.

Rob is currently building his own landscaping and lawn care business. You can find him at Lawn Force Recon on Facebook. By supporting him you are not only supporting a local business, but also our veterans. If you are anywhere within central or northern Ohio, shoot him a message.


Have questions or just want to shoot us a message?

E-mail us at The amazing thing: You’ll actually be contacting real people. Also, Rob and I share this account. Consider yourself forewarned.