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Just a Little Home Sick

February 21st, 2020

I didn’t start my life in Columbus, Ohio. It just happens to be the place I have lived the longest. At this point in my life it is the place I tell people where I am from. It wasn’t always like that, though. I know Rob’s journey has been similar, but in a very different way. I used to be from all over – Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri and Ohio.

I grew up here, there and everywhere before my family landed in Chillicothe, Ohio. That’s where I went to Middle School and High School. I finished high school online while living in Columbus after my parents had divorced. Troy and I moved up there and that’s where much of my journey began. At that point, we knew nothing about the area and ended up living in not such a great apartment complex on the east side. It’s far worse now than it was then.

Now, I know Columbus so well I can tell you how to get around and what area to live in just based on your hobbies. It’s a diverse and beautiful city. I can honestly say I miss it. The food and the culture are top notch. I highly recommend so many restaurants there are impossible to list all of. I’d start with Newfangled Kitchen in Bexley and The North Market in the Arena District. Newfangled Kitchen was actually started by a good friend of mine. You can’t go wrong with a good meatloaf sandwich.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the quiet of our new home. I love that it’s ours. I also love that it’s old and has so much character. I can’t imagine Rob and I starting our journey together anywhere else. That said, Columbus is still my home until I fully adapt to my surroundings. We’re certainly trying. I already have my Champaign Country library card! We’ve also visited several of the local restaurants and stores. I do miss the convenience of driving to anything in the city.

What do I not miss:

  • The violence
  • The traffic
  • The noise
  • The smells
  • The air
  • The amount of people

Our new house has this wonderful and magical calm that I used to only find when I went to visit family that lived in the country. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little home sick. While Columbus may still be my home, I’m looking forward to the journey that starts here at The Calland House. Plus, we cook at home way more often now. Which is a bonus, because Rob and I are pretty damn good cooks and the service is never poor.