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The Documents are Officially Signed

November 18th, 2019

Life’s a little hectic around here. Three dogs and three humans cramped up together in a two bedroom apartment, living in the city. Rob and I are more comfortable living in the country. Living in the big city wasn’t the plan. For me, it was where my family was. It was convenient. For him, it’s where work was.

That’s all about to change, though. We just bought a house as much in the country as one can get. On a back road and surrounded by corn. The images of our life that play in my head are absolutely beautiful, but we have a long way to go until we’re settled into our new country life.

The process of buying a house wasn’t easy. In fact, through most of the home buying process I was fairly certain I was ready to back out and run away. I still would like to run away. Rob had our back, though. Negotiations and signing contracts, the down payment and dealing with the sellers – that was all on him. And thank goodness, because he managed it all despite my outbursts of stress and anxiety.

Now we have a house and here comes more stress and anxiety. It’s an old house. Built in 1835. It needs work – electricity, floors, counter tops, fresh paint, new windows, chimneys cleaned, trees cut down and so much more. I think the only thing it doesn’t need is a new roof. All that said, none of it is so bad. We could move in today and deal with the rest later if we wanted to. Except that we can’t. Because they get 30 days to move out. So, we’re still cramped into an apartment.

That was actually the plan, though. Stay in the apartment the first month or so. That way we can get the major projects done and have time to move out. Plus, I have to give my own apartment 30 days notice. All in all, it’ll all get done. I just am so over the stress of buying a house, still living in the city and trying to prepare to move.

Wish us luck. We have a long journey ahead.