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The Department of Dragon Affairs

A Little About Our Journey…

Almost two years ago when Rob and I met, I don’t think either of us expected that we would be combining our families and moving out to the country. In fact, I think we expected to be living in the city due to our jobs. Somehow we got fortunate and our jobs didn’t interfere with our dreams.

The Calland House

Our current major project – The Calland House. We are in the process of renovating and moving into our new home by the end of January 2020. Check out the blog for updates on all of our changes, the history of the house and why we chose to live out in the middle of cornfields.

Our Top 10 Projects for the New Year

1. Living Rooms: Upstairs & Down

Aside from the normal paint everything and make it looks fresh mentality, we actually found we had a lot to do in these two rooms. Namely, the floors had to be fixed to be level as these two rooms are the very center of the house.

2. Molly’s Studio

Ugh! My future office space is this horrible wallpaper and border that reminds of a couch my mother had in the 90’s and it HAS TO GO! I am not that girly. So, wall repairs and a fresh coat of paint will bring this room to the modern era.

3. The Dining Room

We’re taking the old lath from the ceiling in the living room and using it as an alternative to bead board along the bottom wall between the chair rail and the trim. Then I plan to paint it a moody blue and turn this into a more intimate dining experience.

Recent Photos

A little glimpse into our daily chaos…I mean life.